About Overview

I am a coach. I am a success planner who happens to be a dentist. For over 30 years I have focused on preventing all cavities and all gums infections for the rest of my patients’ lives. Most people go to the dentist and they never really learn what causes their cavities. When they get a little older, they start having gum infections and they never learn why. And then they get a little older and their teeth start to break and they never learn why. Then they start pulling their teeth and they never learn why they broke down.

I believe people want to need a dentist less as they get older, not more as they get older. That is why the focus of my practice is to help people prevent all cavities and all gum infections for the rest of their lives.

-Dr. Howie Dean

Our Philosophy

We promise to always care for you as a unique individual created by God.

We always want you to feel delighted with our service and care.

We will always focus on protecting and renewing your Health; helping you prevent all future dental disease.

We promise to always have your needs as our primary concern.

We will always coach you via a progressive treatment plan to help you take a lifetime approach to your dental health.

We will always provide the most researched and proven methods of treatment.

We promise to always strive for excellence in everything we do.

Yours for better dental health,

Howard B. Dean, D.D.S. and Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to honor God by providing excellent dental care in a warm, caring and nurturing environment provided by a friendly, kind and well trained team so that our patients can enjoy great health, great teeth and a better quality of life. Understanding that the health of our mouths directly impacts the health of the rest of our bodies, we look deeper at what causes dental disease rather than simply treating a dental disease. Therefore we are committed to preventing dental problems so that our patients can be healthier tomorrow than they are today.

We are committed to understanding each patient so we can coach them to help achieve their goals for a lifetime. One of our goals is to help our patients need the least amount of dentistry possible over the rest of their lives.  Believing that “usual and customary dentistry” is not good enough for our patients, we focus on minimally invasive techniques to do all the things a dentist can do to make teeth comfortable, stable, and maintainably healthy, all while achieving the very best esthetics possible.



By entering into a coaching relationship, together we can help people have a better life. After all, life is better when you have great teeth.


Rooted in science, developed by research and designed to help you be your very best.


I am thankful and appreciative for the opportunity to help anyone who asks for my coaching.


The health of our mouths is an indicator of the health of our systemic health as well. The two are inextricably linked. By being a Dental Health Coach, we certainly impact the health of the rest of our bodies.


Care that maximizes dental comfort, function and esthetics through minimally invasive dentistry.


God put us here to love and relate to Him as well as to one another.


We are here to peacefully serve God’s people through communication that is direct, open, honest and truthful. 


As soon as we stop learning we stop growing. I have always been and will always be passionate about learning.


Grace + Truth = Love