Master Planning

Master Planning

Master Planning is a beautiful strategy that leads to a better life.  The one thing you need is a plan. It’s so critical to be able to sit down and spend time planning; talking about what is it you want and how we will help you get that. Doing the dentistry is the easy part; making sure you get what you want is the most important part.

Once we go through these steps in that order, then you will have a great smile and stable health. So we take the right steps and we end up in the right place.

Once you have a plan then we can either phase it out over time to keep it within your budget or help you find ways to take care of it up front so you can have your dentistry done all at once. Speaking of that, we understand that most people want as little dentistry as possible or better yet no dentistry at all. This is why our Master Planning includes helping totally prevent your next cavity or your next gum infection.

As we progress through these steps, we always want to predict disease before it occurs and completely prevent it from happening again. By doing things this way we prevent the three reasons people lose their teeth and their health: cavities, gum infections and bad bites.


Master Plans have three parts:

  1: Urgent needs: most people get stuck in the downward spiral of pain, fix and repeat. This is like putting out a fire of a toothache. Most people don’t enjoy urgent things like putting out fires. You can move on the next step if you want to, which is…

2: Improvement: this is where we fix things. We rebuild what the fire has destroyed; we get the gums under control, we fix fillings that have worn and broken, etc.  The next step is…

 3. What you want: we do things in such a way that the fire never comes back; I want to fix my bite, I want to improve my smile, I want to get brighter teeth, etc.

So here is the bottom line for Master Planning: if you imagine a better smile or a great smile or if you imagine better health or great health, we will work with you to help you develop your plan… at your pace… within your budget. Call us for a complimentary consultation and we’ll get you started.