New Patients

Welcome New Patients

Thank you for choosing Dr. Dean and our dental practice for your future dental care. We understand that selecting the right dentist is an important decision affecting many aspects of your life—not just your teeth. How your dentist treats you—and your oral health—affects your smile, how you look and feel, what others think of you, aspects of your overall health, your schedule and your well-being.

At your first appointment, Dr. Dean and our team will set the stage for a caring  relationship with you based on a thorough understanding of your needs and by analyzing 10 structural and functional factors of your jaw joints, facial and chewing muscles and teeth. We then use this personalized information about your dental health in a comprehensive approach to your care.

Unlike most dentists, Dr. Dean will approach your oral health by practicing Complete Dentistry, a concept he learned through his advanced education at The Dawson Academy. Having completed their entire curriculum of training and been appointed Scholar status of The Dawson Academy—a place where dentists learn to be better dentists—Dr. Dean is one of only 10% of dentists in the country who practice Complete Dentistry.

By emphasizing prevention and early detection of disease, tooth wear and functional problems, Dr. Dean will be able to identify the signs of dental problems before any symptoms and damage appear. This will save you from experiencing pain, spending money needlessly toward costly and repeated treatments, as well as time off from work for multiple and lengthy appointments.

Through proper diagnosis and treatment planning, you’ll be able to receive treatments in a more conservative manner (known as Minimally Invasive Dentistry), which will allow you to keep as much of your natural tooth structure as possible and help you maintain a healthy smile for your lifetime. Again, thank you for choosing Dr. Dean and our practice for your dental care. We look forward to serving you!